Q1: What qualities do you look for in a mentor? #LeadChat

A: “Someone that is willing to support you and be there for you no matter what! @HannahLeighMcG is my great example! #LeadChat”hannah
When I was asked this question the first person that came to my mind was my mentor of LAS, Hannah McGoldrick.I know that seems really cliche but Hannah is a prime example of a mentor in my life. I believe a mentor is someone that is there to help you through any situation no matter the circumstances. A mentor is a person that is willing to love you and guide you through everything. It doesn’t even matter if they are your best friend, or it doesn’t even matter if you see each other everyday; the only thing that matters is if you support them and help them whenever you can. My mentor Hannah is not just a mentor to me, but also a role model. Hannah is always willing lend out a helping hand to me, and she is always there for me to give me advice whenever I need it. I can count on her to be there for me, and that is a true mentor.

Q2: What are your expectations of your mentee? #LeadChat
A: “Just someone willing to learn and a king-hearted fun spirit! #LeadChat”
All I asked for in a mentee is someone who is willing to learn, and someone that has a positive attitude. Any leader I get the privilege to mentor will be an amazing experience in my eyes. I just want to be there for someone like my mentor is here for me. I just want someone that I can spread my love and support to. Positive attitudes are key to having a positive relationship. I just want a mentee that will let me love them and help them learn and grow as a person!

Q3: What is the difference between a mentor and a role model? #LeadChat
A: “A mentor is someone that helps guide you through everything you need help with and a role model just sets examples. #LeadChat”
The difference between a mentor and a role model is that a mentor is someone that helps guide you through your goals and dreams, when a role models sets examples to create your goals and dreams. Someone can be a mentor and a role model in your life though. Your role model could be someone that actually helps you reach your goals as well. For example again, Hannah is my mentor but also my role model. Mentors are people that are more directly involved in your life, and are people who will always continue to help you and be there for you; where role models are more of people that set good examples for who you inspire to be.

Q4: What communication tools work best with a mentor/mentee relationship? #LeadChat
A: “Just being able to open and honest with each other at all times! True communications creates meaningful bonds. #LeadChat”
The best type of communication to have with your mentee/mentor is honest and open communications at all times. Mentors/mentees are suppose to be people that you can trust your life with. These people are here to be through all the challenges in your life. I think it is very important to be very honest to your mentor and to your mentee. Just being open with your mentor and mentee will really create a strong relationships. I believe effective communication is key to form a strong bond. A mentor and mentee are people that you should never lie to, and always keep a true meaningful relationship with them.

Q5: Who do you look to as a mentor? How have they had an impact on you? #LeadChat
A: “@paigeblakeslee is my best friend and mentor all this year, and I can’t imagine facing challenges without her! #LeadChat”
I have a lot of mentors in my life, but one that really stands out this year to me is my best friend Paige Blakeslee.paige1 I met Paige this year during my first year of college at CMU. She is my neighbor and I love her to death. There isn’t words to describe her and give her enough credit for how wonderful she is. She is the most caring person I have ever met. She is honestly puts 100% into our friendship 24/7, and that is an amazing feeling. She is always there for me through everything. She holds me up when I am falling and I could not be more grateful for that. Paige is a mentor in my life every single day. She does the little things that changes my mood and life completely around. She is such an inspiring and amazing person. I am so glad to call her my best friend and mentor. I know I can say she will be there through it all with me no matter what. I know thousand miles away we will still be friends, and I know she will be standing up in my wedding. I know I can count on her for the rest of my life and that is a blessing. She is the definition of a mentor.