COM 461L: Communication in Leadership

COM 461L: Communication in leadership is the last class I will take with my LAS cohort, so it tends to be a little bittersweet. Being a group of leaders in a class discussing communication in leadership might sound pretty easy and self-explanatory, but not necessarily. A lot of the topics discussed in this class comes very easily to many of my peers, but for me I need to take a little more time to find the clear understanding, and I think that is one down fall of this class; it’s assumed we already have a lot of background knowledge to this subject.

Communication is a very important aspect in leadership though, and that’s why I believe this class is so important. To be an effective leader you need to communicate to your followers and peers at all times. One of the biggest parts of this class is reading stories and analyzing them out of the book titled The Leadership Moment by Michael Useem. Each chapter of the book tells a different unqiue story that exemplifies leadership in someway, and as leaders reading the book we have to discuss the negative and positives of the leadership throughout each story. We do this by have participating in a fishbowl activity, which was designed by our professor. She hands out a cards that get passed around the room, and if you get a card with a fish on it you are running the discussion in the center of the room, and if you get a bowl then you are listening to the discussion which will later break off into smaller discussion groups ran by different fish. It a unqiue way to learn and evaluate each story; it’s very beneficial for my individual learning style.

In the beginning of the class we start the semester off by storytelling. Each student in the class had to discuss a time when we were ineffective leaders and what we took from that moment in our life. This exercise help us develop our storytelling skills as a leader; this is an important skill to have to inspire followers, and to get your passions and point of emphasis across effectively. Now at the end of the class this semester we are scheduled to story tell again a time we changed our leadership communicate due to something we learned in this class, and I am looking forward to using my communicate knowledge to practice my storytelling skills once again.

COM 461L is a very useful class, and I have highly enjoyed. Communication is a such a huge part of our lives, especially since my classmates are all Leader Advancement Scholars, we all understand the importance of this class for us to develop as strong leaders in today’s world.






Saying Hello Again

Before I start blogging again I wanted to apologize for being absent for so long. My second year at CMU has been amazing with so many ups and downs in my life, and starting today I am going to catch up all on the things I should have blog posted about earlier in the year.

The biggest change that has happened during my second year at CMU so far is actually figuring out the path I want to take for my life and future career. At beginning of the year I signed my major in Psychology and minors in Child Development and Leadership. My biggest dream has always been to work with children that have experienced neglect, abuse, and maltreatment, and at the time I thought majoring in Psychology would accomplish that dream the best. First semester (2015-15 school year) I took HDF 307: Parenting, and I fell in love with my minor. A lot of my friends always talked about how they struggle with HDF courses, but to me they were so easy – common sense almost. Also first semester I took PSY 285 – Psychological Research Methods, which was more of a struggle for me. I enjoy my psychology classes, but the research side of psychology did not really interest me at all. I felt like I was just going through to motions of a earning a Psychology degree instead of really striving in it. Than currently I am in another HDF titled HDF 211: Marriage and Relationships, and that’s when I finally realized how comfortable I am in HDF classes, and how well I fit in with the subject; they make me so excited to learn! I finally found where I need to be focusing my time on – Child Development. I decided to change my major from Psychology to Child Development and have my minors be Leadership and Psychology. It just makes so much more sense for me personally. The classes just fit my personality so much better, and the program is more of  hands on program, which is better for my learning style. I will get to have classes directly working with kids and I am also guaranteed an internship senior year. I finally feel like I am heading in the right direction and I could not be more excited to see where this path takes me.

Signing my new major was not only the most confident I have ever been in anything, it was also a moment that signified growth for me. College has been a roller-coaster for me, I have been continuing to try to find my place and this step is helping me with that. I am still struggling to find the right RSO to be involved with and all that good stuff, but I thought this was an important choice in my life that needed to be shared especially to understand my other blog posts to come.

I am so grateful to be here at Central Michigan University and a part of the Leader Advancement Scholarship. Without these two things I don’t know where I would be today. I believe everything is happening for a reason to get me where I need to be. So thank you CMU and LAS for continuing to give me endless resources and opportunities to be successful.

Much love,