What I stated I wanted in the year of 2015 . . .

As a leader what do you really want in
In 2015 I want to find who I really am. I am currently going in all different direction and hope to find the path I want to follow for the rest of my life. I want to find what I am truly passionate about and spend my time wisely. In 2015 I want to be me. Also I want to live by my mission statement: Live by helping others.

What will you succeed at in 2015?
I’ll succeed in being myself in 2015. I spent my life always too worried about what others think. But this year I want to improve on myself, and do things for me. I will succeed in being myself and embracing who I am. 2015 is going to be a good year for me, and I promise myself that.

I think so far in this school year and even in the year of 2015 I have really grown as a person and am starting to find where I belong. I finally decided to minor in Child Development with my major of Psychology to work with children for my career. I also learned I want to learn sign language and decided I also want to major in that as well. I am just really finding out a lot of different things about myself that I never knew before. I am also really focusing on me. I realized that college is an important time to do you and not let others hold you back. I am not letting anyone holding me back from my dreams and passions. I believe I am developing into the person I always dreamed to be. I am stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown and I am loving it. I have started speaking my mind more frequently in places where it is important to me and my followers. For example, when people use the word retarded as a derogatory term I speak and state that is not okay. I am passionate accepting difference, and it is not okay to be using that word because it is offensive to so many. I also learned to stand up about all my other passions, and I think that is a big step for me. I was never not passionate about the things I am passionate about today, I was just always to afraid of confrontation to stand up for anything. My opinions might not be the most popular thing, but they are important. I am starting to strongly believe in myself and I am proud of that. I love the person I am learning to become. CMU has really taught me to take pride in my passions and not be as fearful.

This year in general has just been amazing. I was always excited to come to college because I was never popular in high school, but I would never think it would have helped me grow this much. I love that I am learning to open up and be myself. I also love that I am finding friends and people that accept me for me, and support myBLOG passion and dreams. I was always scared to be myself and I am so grateful for college showing me how to be myself. I am truly learning so much about myself and it’s an amazing feeling. I have grown over the years a lot, but this year I really found out who I am and who I want to be.

As a leader, I think it is really important to be true to yourself. I strongly believe in leading by example. If you don’t believe in a behavior or belief don’t promote or express that you do. This year I found my passion working with children, I figured out my major and minors, and I am finding where I want to spend my time. As a leader I am finding what I want to promote as my beliefs, and that is important to my followers. I am growing and learning where I want to make a difference and who I want to make a difference with. I will succeed with my mission statement of live by helping others, and my why statement of Inspire others to break their unwanted definitions of the past to find their full potential of the future.

I am growing as a leader, follower, friend, and person.


Blog Post: Be The Miracle.

Be The Miracle
published in 2012 by Regina Brett is a book that has fifty lessons for making the impossible possible. This book gives you lessons how to be a miracle in your everyday life. Regina Brett has many stories to relate to all of the fifty lessons on how to become a miracle. She is author of the New York Times and is a columnist for the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been faced with many challenges and opportunities in her life to make this book very inspiring and personal. The title of the cover states, “Inspiring (and entertaining) anecdotes of morally heroic everyday people.’ – Family Circle”

I went to the book store with my dad to find a book that would help me support my why statement of being a leader. When I saw this book, Be The Miracle, then read the description of what it is about I knew book would support my way statement (Inspire Others to break their unwanted definitions of the past to find their full potential of the future). I want to find every little inspiration out there to help me become the little miracle in people’s lives.

Be The Miracle is a book full of fifty different lessons, one lesson for each chapter. One chapter lesson that was important to me was everyone matters to somebody (Lesson 11). Regina tells the story of two men that made an impact at a homeless shelter for men, mostly alcoholics. One of the men was found in a dumpster and was homeless most of his life, but he became a minister to the homeless shelter. The group made their motto, “Everyone matters to somebody.” Another man that volunteers at this homeless shelter named John Gulley who became a barber at the establishment. He did not only cut the homeless men’s hair, but he listened to them and cared for them. Those people cared for the people that didn’t seem to be cared about by anyone. Regina was making a point in this lesson that everyone on this entire world, even people we don’t interact with, are important. Everyone matters to somebody.

Lesson 21, Dream big. Even though dreaming big seems like a simple lesson to learn, it’s an important one. Regina told a story of a girl who dreamed big to back up her lesson. A little girl lived in a poor inner-city neighborhood. Every child in this neighborhood went to the same school where the US Postal Service angels adopted their school for the holidays to buy them presents for Christmas. Most students asked for toys and games. Out of 1,272 students slips of what they wanted for Christmas one stuck out to the postal service. It belonged to a girl name Latanya. She wrote, “shoes, school clothes, food, and a bed.” She dreamed big and received big. This six year old girl kept her dreams high to one day own a bed, and she was granted with a whole bedroom set. Dreams really do come true if you keep wishing and believing.

Lesson 24, God doesn’t always call the strong. Sometimes you have to be weak enough to serve. This lesson caught me off guard a little bit. Regina used the examples of people that failed and were weak, but still succeed in the end. Beethoven’s music teacher said he was hopeless at composing. J.K. Rowling lived on welfare before Harry Potter made her a billionaire. Walt Disney lost his job at a newspaper after he was told he lacked imagination. Regina stated, “The failures of those great successes convince me that our weakness is often flip side of our strength.” And “If your answer to the questions, ‘are you strong enough to serve?’ is no, maybe you’re asking the wrong question. Are you weak enough to serve?” This idea really stuck out to me and I strongly believe it’s true.

Be The Miracle strengthened my belief in myself that I can make a difference on this world, even if it’s a small one. Everyone does matter on this earth, and I want to help the weak, the poor, the scared, and the neglected because they matter too. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can become the person you want to be. I can dream big and become a psychologist to help the people that want help. The lesson of God doesn’t always call the strong. Sometimes you have to be weak enough to serve really stuck out to me. I always viewed myself as troubled or weak but that hasn’t stopped me become how I am. I am the weak that will serve in this world. This book just inspired me to keep believing in myself, and keep doing the little things in life that make a difference even if it’s a small difference. All 50 lesson of this book had a meaning to me, and developed me as a leader. I will continue spreading my positive attitude at Central Michigan University, and I will continue to dream big at Central Michigan University. I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in being a little miracle on this world.  Lesson 50, if you woke up today, God isn’t through with you yet.

be the miracle

Seth Godin: Kicking and Screaming

I read the blog post by Seth Godin titled Kicking and screaming (vs. singing and dancing). He talked about how unfair life can be, and how most of us handle unfair life situations by kicking and screaming. One example he gave of an unfair circumstance was being diagnosed with a disease. We can not control what disease we are diagnosed with, but do we have to kick and scream about it? Seth Godin stated in his blog, ” What if we saw the derailment of one path as the opportunity to grow or to invent or to find another path?” Its hard to wrap your head around the idea of singing and dancing instead of kicking and screaming when you are faced with an unfair circumstance. But the question is, is it really unfair? Everyone is faced with hardships and cruelty in this world, but you can grow as a person depending how you handle the unfair experience you are given. While reading this post the main thing that came to my mind was my grandma that just had open heart surgery yesterday. I just kept thinking how unfair this is to her, how I wish she didn’t have to go through such a thing. I am thinking about how someone can dance and sing about a serious surgery, or even about death? How can we dance and sing about hardships and all the cruelty? This post made me realize that life is too short to be kicking and screaming, and that we need to dance and sing when we can! Embrace what you have even when that something is not always ideal. My grandma is fighting life, and that is something to be proud about. Heart surgery is a working miracle, and it’s something we need to sing and dance about. Seth Godin also said in his blog, “This is incredibly difficult work, but it seems far better than the alternative.” Trying to turn something so negative into something positive is a very difficult task, but now I am going to try to sing and dance as much as I can.

Yes or No?

Does leadership come from a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?

In my leadership class we were presented with the question, “Does leadership come from a ‘yes’ or ‘no’?” I believe that leadership doesn’t come from a yes or no, I believe leadership comes from a yes and a no. I guess that some people think as a leader you can’t say no to people. But has a leader you need to know when to say yes and when to say no. Every circumstance is different, but you should do what you think would set a good example for others. I strongly believe in leaders need to lead by what they strongly believe in, and lead by setting the example they want to set for others. So if you want to say no to a certain request because it goes against your belief, then you need to say no. If others are saying no to a certain task, you are most definitely  allowed to stand up and say yes! Don’t let someone define you, you always need to define yourself. If you view yourself as a leader, you answer yes and no when YOU think is right. It is up to you to decide how you want to lead, and live your life. As a leader you should not feel pressured to say yes or no, you say what you want to say. You say what you believe is best. Leaders are not defined if they say yes or no, leaders are defined by why they say yes or no. Now the real question is are you a true leader? Yes or no?

Be fearless like T-swift  

Say no if you should’ve said no..
Say yes if you should’ve said yes..

Ted Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

ted talk
Today I watched a Ted Talk titled, Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It talked about a method of leadership called the golden circle. The golden circle is divided into three sections: The inner layer, why; the middle layer, how; and the outer layer, what. It is easy to work from the outside in the golden circle. 1. What are you doing? 2. How are you doing it? 3. Why are you doing it? The biggest question is WHY are you doing it. Leaders inspire others by doing the gold circle method reverse. So 1. WHY are you doing it? 2. How are you doing it? 3. What are you doing? People follow you if they BELIEVE in what you do. It is important for you to know why you are doing what you are doing. To inspire others you need to show people why are you doing what you are doing. Also you need to show motivation and passion for what you are doing. The more passion you have for what you are doing the more people will follow you and believe in you. Also as a leader it is important to not be afraid to be the first person to do something new. It is okay to be the first one and it is okay to fail or succeed. It is just important to try and know why you are doing it. If you are doing something but don’t know why you are doing it, is it really worth doing? Leaders know why they are doing what they are doing. Leaders are people that hold position of power, according to the ted talk. Those who actual lead are those who inspire others. A good example of a leader that followed the golden circle is Martin Luther King. Dr. King didn’t tell people what he wanted to change in America, he told people what he believed in. He was not asking anyone to do anything, people just believed the same things he did. Since they had the same belief they followed him. He inspired people. Leading is about giving a reason why to everything. Now as a leader, after watching this ted talk video, I need to put a meaning to everything I do. It is important to show who you are as a person, and to show what you believe in. Believe in yourself, and others will too. What is your purpose?

COM 267 Reflection

COM 267 was a debate class that my leadership cohort was required to take for our Leadership Advancement Scholarship. I believe learning how to debate is an important trait to learn to become an effective and efficient leader. As leaders we should be able to stand up for what we believe in and speak our minds when it is important to do so. This class was challenging for me since I am not good with confrontation. But it was important for me to learn how to argue correctly and respectively to state my opinion when I get the courage to do so. Our professor of this class was Dr. Corey Hillman, who is well experienced with the subject of the debate. Though history is important to debate, I believed we focused too much on the past of debate. We should of spent more time practicing actual debate. The class participated in two in class debates, which was the majority of our final grade. Since it was such a huge part, I wish we could of had other times to practice. Though the two debates we did in class were very effective for me personally. I believe COM 267 is a good class for leaders to take.

Psy 100L Class Reflection

Being apart of the Leadership Advancement Scholar program you are required to take intro to psychology your first semester at Central Michigan University. I am a psychology major so either way I would be taking an intro to psychology class. Since I am a psychology major that intro class was very important to me. Since it was so important to me I was kind of disappointed with the class, I had very high expectations for the class. Since the class was made up with my whole LAS cohort I believed the class wasn’t taken as seriously. Yes I believe it is a good requirement for the scholarship, but since it was a class required a lot of people didn’t take the class or subject as seriously as I wanted. As a psychology major I would of rather been placed in a class with people as the same seriousness as me, or people that actually choose to take the intro to psychology class. I do believe a psychology class is essential to developing leadership skills, but I wasn’t happy with my own personal results for the class. Being with everyone did have its perks; such as studying together and taking quizzes together. But I don’t think the atmosphere is right for students that are actually psychology majors. Since it was a class for developing leadership skills through psychology I did like our final exam. Our final exam was to write a paper applying psychology concepts to leadership. I believed that was a positive way to apply what we learned the semester to our own leadership skills and style. Taking this class has motivated me to work harder in my psychology classes to come. My goal in life is to become a Clinical Psychologist, and to succeed in that I need to work hard in all my classes. I am a strong believer in psychological help. So many people suffer with mental health issues everyday. I want to be able to help as many people as I can daily. Being a psychology major will help me do that. I was disappointed in this intro classes, but I look forward to future classes because the subject taught to us was so interesting.