Leadership Philosophy

I want to inspire others to break their unwanted definitions of the past to find their full potential of the future. I strongly believe that people can change for the better if you help guide them in the right direction with encouragement and positivity. Some people try to hide from their past, but some people hide from their past because they want to be known for the person they are now, not for the person they were. Helping people is my number one priority, and all some people need is a helping hand to get back on their feet again or to find their full potential in life.

Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story deserves to be told. Everyone’s story leaves a foot print on this earth, and everyone needs to remember that. Every person is important to someone, every person has a purpose if you believe it or not. A lot of us judge and ridicule others, but unless you are the one making that foot print in their shoes you have no right to knock someone down. Their story is their story, and no one has the right to judge them for that. If you want to make this world a better place you need to help the ones that feel broken. Broken can be fixed and the fixed can be broken again. People make mistakes, or some people are getting faced with the life they received due to someone else’s mistakes. We need to embrace the human race. Embrace the human race by treating others with respect; accepting people for who they are, and always be willing to lend a helping hand.

Being a leader our followers are people from different backgrounds, different races, different cultures, different religious beliefs, and different experiences. That means leaders need to overcome differences no matter what they are. Give people a chance, because sometimes a chance is all they need. A chance to be the person who they have always wanted to be. I have always wanted to help those who need and deserve help when no one else believes in them anymore. I promise to love and support anyone that comes into my life. I will do anything to help a person because it is the right thing to do. As a leader we are suppose to be the ones there to lean on and to make countless sacrifices. I promise to dedicate my life to make others stronger and to reach their full potential.

I have never actually wrote my philosophy out on paper like this but I do believe I have been following this philosophy since I was in sixth grade. In sixth grade I realized who I was and why I was put on this earth. In sixth grade I was my best friend’s whole support system when her family was falling apart. That year taught me that a lot of cruel things happen to a lot of people, and some of those people just need support to get through it. Since then I never didn’t support someone when they reached out to me for help, and I have been always trying to go out of my way when I see someone in distress. People are broken and I believe I am here to fix them. I am a leader that puts relationships over a task. I am type of leader that will never give up on someone. I am a type of leader that will find hope and potential in anyone in any situation. People need to be believed in and I will believe in them.

My leadership philosophy is to help people discover who they are or who they want to be no matter what their background, race, gender, religious belief, or story is. I will inspire others to break their unwanted definitions of the past to find their full potential of the future. Leading is not about bettering myself, it is about bettering the people around me.


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