Leader Advancement Scholar


The Leader Advancement Scholarship  is a scholarship I received at Central Michigan University. The Leader Advancement Scholarship is apart of the Leadership Institute on campus.  This scholarship chooses 40 high school seniors across the United States to be apart of a a cohort full of leaders. I am apart of the 2014 Leader Advancement Scholar cohort. This scholarship made my decision to come to CMU. I believe that leaders are created, and not born. By getting picked for this scholarship made me realize I am a leader in the creation, and given this opportunity will continue to help me to grow. By the fourth year of college I believe I will be a better person when I graduate, and this scholarship will significantly help me with that change. The goal of this particular scholarship is to learn leadership skills through the next four years to make you an efficient leader before you enter the work force, or what people like to say “the real world”.  The next four years of my college education I will learn how to be a leader, and be given many opportunities/experiences because of the Leader Advancement Scholar. I am truly honored and blessed to be apart of this program.

For this scholarship we are required to blog about our personally experiences with this program. It is important as a leader to remember the experiences that changed our life, and this is a way to share it with the world. Please enjoy, and thank you for reading.


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