Blog Post: Be The Miracle.

Be The Miracle
published in 2012 by Regina Brett is a book that has fifty lessons for making the impossible possible. This book gives you lessons how to be a miracle in your everyday life. Regina Brett has many stories to relate to all of the fifty lessons on how to become a miracle. She is author of the New York Times and is a columnist for the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been faced with many challenges and opportunities in her life to make this book very inspiring and personal. The title of the cover states, “Inspiring (and entertaining) anecdotes of morally heroic everyday people.’ – Family Circle”

I went to the book store with my dad to find a book that would help me support my why statement of being a leader. When I saw this book, Be The Miracle, then read the description of what it is about I knew book would support my way statement (Inspire Others to break their unwanted definitions of the past to find their full potential of the future). I want to find every little inspiration out there to help me become the little miracle in people’s lives.

Be The Miracle is a book full of fifty different lessons, one lesson for each chapter. One chapter lesson that was important to me was everyone matters to somebody (Lesson 11). Regina tells the story of two men that made an impact at a homeless shelter for men, mostly alcoholics. One of the men was found in a dumpster and was homeless most of his life, but he became a minister to the homeless shelter. The group made their motto, “Everyone matters to somebody.” Another man that volunteers at this homeless shelter named John Gulley who became a barber at the establishment. He did not only cut the homeless men’s hair, but he listened to them and cared for them. Those people cared for the people that didn’t seem to be cared about by anyone. Regina was making a point in this lesson that everyone on this entire world, even people we don’t interact with, are important. Everyone matters to somebody.

Lesson 21, Dream big. Even though dreaming big seems like a simple lesson to learn, it’s an important one. Regina told a story of a girl who dreamed big to back up her lesson. A little girl lived in a poor inner-city neighborhood. Every child in this neighborhood went to the same school where the US Postal Service angels adopted their school for the holidays to buy them presents for Christmas. Most students asked for toys and games. Out of 1,272 students slips of what they wanted for Christmas one stuck out to the postal service. It belonged to a girl name Latanya. She wrote, “shoes, school clothes, food, and a bed.” She dreamed big and received big. This six year old girl kept her dreams high to one day own a bed, and she was granted with a whole bedroom set. Dreams really do come true if you keep wishing and believing.

Lesson 24, God doesn’t always call the strong. Sometimes you have to be weak enough to serve. This lesson caught me off guard a little bit. Regina used the examples of people that failed and were weak, but still succeed in the end. Beethoven’s music teacher said he was hopeless at composing. J.K. Rowling lived on welfare before Harry Potter made her a billionaire. Walt Disney lost his job at a newspaper after he was told he lacked imagination. Regina stated, “The failures of those great successes convince me that our weakness is often flip side of our strength.” And “If your answer to the questions, ‘are you strong enough to serve?’ is no, maybe you’re asking the wrong question. Are you weak enough to serve?” This idea really stuck out to me and I strongly believe it’s true.

Be The Miracle strengthened my belief in myself that I can make a difference on this world, even if it’s a small one. Everyone does matter on this earth, and I want to help the weak, the poor, the scared, and the neglected because they matter too. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can become the person you want to be. I can dream big and become a psychologist to help the people that want help. The lesson of God doesn’t always call the strong. Sometimes you have to be weak enough to serve really stuck out to me. I always viewed myself as troubled or weak but that hasn’t stopped me become how I am. I am the weak that will serve in this world. This book just inspired me to keep believing in myself, and keep doing the little things in life that make a difference even if it’s a small difference. All 50 lesson of this book had a meaning to me, and developed me as a leader. I will continue spreading my positive attitude at Central Michigan University, and I will continue to dream big at Central Michigan University. I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in being a little miracle on this world.  Lesson 50, if you woke up today, God isn’t through with you yet.

be the miracle


Leadership Connections Conference

The Connection Conference is a conference designed for leaders across Central Michigan University Campus to come together to participate in different leadership workshops. This particular conference is to make connections by meeting different leaders from all around campus. The conference was held at the Great Wolf Lodge water park and hotel in Traverse City, Michigan. During the conference one workshop that stuck out to me personally was the leadership personality test workshop. Every person in the room had to take a test to determine their personality. After taking the test the instructors of the group separated the people with different personality traits into a large box sectioned off. The first separation was introverts on one side of the box and extroverts on the other side. Then we were separated into three more sections of personality. When it got to the end of it I found out that a member of my cohort of my Leadership Advancement Scholarship program had the exact same personality traits as me. That was a really important for me to see, especially since we are both introverts it’s nice to bond with the other introverts of the group you are working in. I don’t remember what our personality trait was exactly called, but we are more concerned for the people around us, and more on the quiet thinking side of things. When the day was over full of other workshops of speakers talking about being a leader, being creative, being proud, and much more; we got to spend the night at the water park with all the new people we met during the conference. My favorite part of the conference was to see all the connections we could make just at CMU. The girl that I sit next to in my biology class ended up being there ans that was great for us to connect outside of the classroom. Connections is a great way to meet new people, and make connections as corny as that sounds. You learn a lot about your self, learn a lot about your campus, and learn a lot about the people that make up your campus community. Which I believe that is truly important.


Leadership Safari

Leadership Safari is an event that Central Michigan University organizes for incoming freshmen to participate in the week before classes actually begin. It is a week for new CMU students to come together and learn life changing leadership skills. The week is filled with activities, speakers, and leadership experiences. It is a time for students to make new friends, and connect on a dipper personal level. The Leadership Safari of 2014 had the largest numbers of participants yet, and I was grateful to be apart of it.

My Leadership Safari experience was truly amazing. Everyone in safari was placed into a group; my group was Team Meerkat. I remember the first night when we first met our team members, I was scared out of my mind. No one wanted to talk or participate in the activities. I remember thinking that I was here for a reason, not just to pass up this opportunity. By the third day of safari my group was finally started opening up, and our lives were changing together. I remember three moments specifically that made our group closer and stronger as individuals.

First moment: Fairness Lunch
The fairness lunch was an activity designed to teach us how our society and peers are really effected by starvation. When it was time for lunch everyone got separated into two different lines. One group received a full lunch with a sandwich, cookies, fruits, and a drink. The second group received a small lunch with crackers and a water. My team member Jacob and I received the small lunch. We thought the whole thing was a joke. Once we opened our lunch bags to see what we had, we turned around to complain we didn’t get enough. Instead of giving us more food, they sent us back to our group. Jacob and I were the only ones in our group that did not get a lunch.

Fairness Lunch
Fairness Lunch

Once we got back to the group everyone was eating their huge lunch. Jacob and I sort of made a scene because we were mad at the time, and instead of the others sharing they were cruel about it. Jacob had an extra bag of chips in his backpack that he brought and shared them with me. The funny thing I noticed was that the two suffering were the ones sharing. The others just watched and ate their sandwiches. Soon our team leader sat us down and explained what was going on. She read us facts of how many people are under the poverty line and can not afford food. So many students at CMU can’t even afford their food. The point of the activity was to realize how lucky we are if we can afford food and water. Also by Jacob and I experiencing the fairness lunch together we bonded on a closer personal level. It is something I will never forget. It impacted me more then I expected. I grew up struggling financially, so this hit close to home. An activity so simple showed us how lucky we truly can be. Never take for granted what you have, and respect others around you.

Second Moment: Story Activity
One activity the group participated in was a scenario activity. Each team member received a piece of paper that stated something you had to pretend was true about your life. Mine said, “You have a little brother with down-syndrome.” Then one member from our team read the story out loud to the group. The story was a story full of put downs and rude stereotypes. The story repetitively used the word retarded. Along with other words and phases such as, “Go kill yourself”,  “fat ass”, “gay”, and “stupid”. Each member of my group was affected by the words being said in this story. It taught us those put downs and phrases should never be said. By choosing to use the term retarded, you are referring to someone with downs-syndrome. If you choose the phrase go kill yourself, the person actually might take it literally. Our choice of every day terms can and will affect the others around us. We need to be aware of other’s feelings, and that story taught my team that. A lot of my members of my team were from close minded communities, and this was a very hard activity for them. This activity was the most impacting to our group. It brought up topics of conversation that hurt everyone’s feelings in some way. This activity made our group closer every step of the way.

Third Moment: Saying Goodbye
Our last day of Leadership Safari was hard. Every single member of the Meerkat Team bonded and connected in some way. On the very last day we stood in a circle and swayed back and forth. As we did that our team leader (Mama Meerkat) instructed us to tell each other positive things about the week we experienced together. By the end every single one of us were in tears. We could not help it but cry when we said goodbye. It is crazy to think by the end of one week you can be so close to so many people. One gentlemen named Matt (also known as mango Matt) inspired me the most at the end. He spoke words that made those tears stream down my face. He told us how much our group changed his life for the better, and how much we mean to him. Matt was someone that was soft spoken, but once he spoke it was truly empowering. He told us personal items about his life that I will not share on this post due to confidentiality, but what he told us changed my life forever. It was proof that any experience can change your life, and that you need to be willing to change at any moment if that moment will make you a better person; a person you always strive to be.

Leadership Safari was an opportunity I was so happy to be apart of, and will never forget. I made relationships in the group that will always stay strong. Our Mama Meerkat is still a mentor to me this day that I am so grateful for her. Also I met my best friend Kirsten there, who told me that after that week passed she told her mom right away she met a girl that she knows will be in her wedding; and that girl is me.
Leadership Safari also taught me leadership lessons in a new personal setting that I really enjoyed. Leadership Safari is something I recommend to every incoming freshmen at Central Michigan University.

If you would like to read more information about Central Michigan University Leadership Safari please visit this link: