About Me

Hello Friends –

My name is Megan Nemetz, and I am earning my education at Central Michigan University. My major is Child Development, with minors in Leadership, Psychology, and Family Studies.

The reason I am obtaining this degree is because I have a strong passion for working with children in need. Since I was younger, I have always had the drive to help others. As I continued to grow, I found my passion for working with children. To me, there is nothing more important than giving children everything they deserve to develop to their full potential. Every child, no matter their background, situation, race, religion, and etc. deserve equality opportunities.

After I earn my Bachelors of Arts, I plan to continue my education with a masters degree either in Counseling or Social Work. I hope to work with children that have been abused or neglected. Due to my education and personal reasons, this is the demographic I am most interested in. Children of abuse lose their voice, and I plan to dedicated to my life to giving those children the voice they deserve.

I am currently the President of Future Child Advocates on campus, which is a registered student organization that focuses on advocating for children of neglect and abuse. This organization provides educational and volunteering opportunities to spread awareness, as well as help members develop professionally. I am also very active in Special Olympics Michigan, which is something I am also very passionate about. It is highly important to make this world inclusive, and I am lucky enough to work with amazing individuals within SOMI that are making that happen.

I am so thankful for my opportunities at CMU, as well as grateful for the opportunity to major in Child Development. My education has become so important to me because this major has made me realize the difference I can truly make within the Human Service Field.

Thank you CMU for making me into the person I am today. I am driven to help children for the rest of my life, and my Child Development major is really allowing me to do so.


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