SOMI Lead Team

Again this year I got the privilege of being the the Co-chair with Hannah Rickers for the SOMI Lead Team (Special Olympics of Michigan). Working with Hannah is absolutely amazing, as she teaches me so much about being an advocate and better leader for people with different abilities. I learn more and more from her every year I work with her.

The point of the SOMI Lead team is to participate in the Leadership Launch. This brings a group of unified students together (with and without disabilities) to learn how to be leaders in their community and schools. The group of students from CMU come together to make this event successful and meaningful for all in attendance. Watching the LEAD team members participate and interact with the student was quiet awesome to see as they truly care about this community. The Leadership Launch is about acceptance of all, which was easily visible during this year’s launch. Though we had some hiccups, since it’s such a time crunch to plan, it ended up being a great event with hundred of students from Michigan in attendance.
LL1Myself, and my teammates for the day, Jorydn and Garrett, facilitated an activity that focused on successful communication. In the center of the room there was a group of sport balls that included basketballs, tennis balls, golf balls, and more. Each ball was labeled with a number. Each participant received a number, and when we said GO they had to try their corresponding ball to their number. There was three rounds: round one included no talking, round three including every talking, and round three only assigned two people could talk. Then after all the separate rounds we discussed how to use effectual communication skills, and what communication skill hinder performance.

The Leadership Launch is such a fun filled packed day with important discussion and learning how to make this world a more accepting place. People with different abilities truly touch my heart, and I am so thankful I could be such a big part during an important day like this one. It’s something that has taught me a lot during my past three years at CMU.



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