Future Child Advocates


Future Child Advocates has been a dream come true this year. As it’s a new and growing RSO on campus, I was nervous to take the role as president this academic year. Though with passionate members, it became really easy.

Future Child Advocates is a group that brings awareness to the issue of child abuse and neglect. Our mission statement is to provide education and opportunities to students and members of the community to become more aware of issues involving abuse, neglect, and bullying of children, especially those who are more vulnerable and left without a voice.

Looking back at this year, FCA had many great accomplishments. To start the year on a great success, our secretary Maddie Karcher made our summer Backpack Project a huge success. Collecting donations of supplies, backpacks, and donations to fill nearly 100 backpacks full of supplies. These backpacks were donated to local schools and the local foster closet!

Also every year we provide the community with a  Truck-or-Treat event to give children a safe environment to show off their costume and have fun with their families. FCA invites other organizations on campus to be represented at this event to help us pass out candy and make the event bigger and better! Over 120 children blog12participated, which was great for our 3rd annual event. I loved seeing all the little ones dressed up in cute costumes. It was also a great bonding experience for our members to all come together.

Then every winter break FCA collects socks for our toasty tootsies fundraiser! This year we collected over 600 pairs of socks and donated them to the Mount Pleasant rotating homeless shelter. One thing people don’t realize is that socks are the number one item low income/homeless families lack is socks during the winter — therefore, I was so proud of all the members dedication to this fundraiser.

Finally, the number one thing I am most pleased about this year is the members in attendance all year round. We have meetings bi-weekly, and every meeting we have over 20 members in attendance. Each member is dedicated and passionate about making a difference in children’s lives. The thing is that many students in FCA have many different majors that just don’t include education and child development. It’s important to remember many careers effect children’s lives and it’s so cool to see many to come together to support the welfare of kids. Each meeting we discuss an education component that helps us become better advocate for all children that are effected by many different things.

I love being a part of Future Child Advocate because child abuse is an issue close to my heart. It honestly empowers me more to see other students also passionate about the welfare of children. It’s such an easy group to talk to and get close with since we are all there for the same reason – helping little kiddos.

Much love Future Child Advocates, Thanks for an amazing year.


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