PSY CHI, now what?

At the start of the year, well really since I ever started thinking about what I would study in college, I knew I was going to major in Psychology. My heart was set on majoring in Psychology and getting a Doctorates degree in Clinical Psychology since I was in 6th grade. So in the beginning of this year (sophomore year) I decided to join PSY CHI. PSY CHI is a national honor society for Psychology Majors. It also is an RSO that meets once a week as a great resource tool of PSY majors. Each week they would discuss important topics such as GRE testing, graduate school applications, future careers in the field, and research opportunities. I loved attending the weekly meetings on Tuesday night because it always provided me with great information towards my future career and my major.

Now I am a Child Development major, so joining PSY CHI is not really an option for me anymore. When I met with my new advisor for my major, she told me about an RSO for my major called the Family Relations Council. I plan to join that next year to take the spot of PSY CHI. I also plan to look into the RSO called Breaking the Silence, which spreads awareness about mental illnesses.

Since I start attending CMU my majors/minors and passions have changed so many times, so I am currently trying to find RSO’s that match those passions to spend my time wisely. I am thankful that CMU gives me so many opportunities to find the right place for myself; I am lucky to be on a campus that provides so many resources in so many different areas.


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