PHL 118L: Moral Problems

PHL 118L: Moral Problems was a very interesting class that really questioned your moral beliefs and reasoning. Topics discussed were capital punishment (the death penalty), euthanasia, abortion, affirmative action, sexuality, hooking up, war and terrorism, economic justice, pornography, and drug use.

This class taught us to make educated guesses about moral issues, as well as learn to develop our own beliefs on such controversial topics. Philosophy classes are great classes to help you develop critical thinking skills. Also PHL 118 was a class that allowed you to speak your mind freely without getting criticized for your opinion; this class is about one of the only classes I have ever taken that actually allowed us to discuss these topics. Most classes ban or don’t allow topics to be discussed such as sexuality and abortion because they may offend some people due to their religion. That’s why this class stood out to me because it allowed us as leaders to actually face this issues that are usually set aside.

As leaders I think it’s important to talk about things that aren’t necessarily the easiest to discuss; it helps you build strong beliefs and character, and it also also help students finally get an understanding on issues that are usually placed in the dark.

The structure of PHL 118L really was effective for my learning style. Each class was open to free discussion, as well presentations on each topics were presented throughout the course to gain a different perspective on that given topic. It’s also very helpful I think to learn from your peer’s presentations because they seem to be more at your level.

PHL 118: Moral Problems is a wonderful class to take if you ready to discuss difficult conversations and to develop a strong moral background of your own beliefs.


Much Love,



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