LEAD TEAM Reflection

A lead team is a committee that Leader Advancement Scholar recipients are placed on for the school year. My Lead Team was the Michigan Fall Special Olympics. I explained my experience at the Michigan Fall Special Olympics in a previously blog post that you can click here to read.

My Lead Team moved pretty fast paced since our event of the Michigan Fall Special Olympics was a weekend in September. So our team meetings were just pretty much informational meetings about what our position was at the Olympic Games. It all happened so face and was very exciting.

I am actually so happy that I got placed on the Special Olympics Lead Team because it created a passion for me that I never knew I had.IMG_7415 It opened my eyes to a lot. I got to meet so many amazing athletes and roles models that weekend that truly inspired me. At one point we got to play with young athletes and that’s where I found my inspiration to decide to follow a career path of working with children. I met a little girl named Abi (relationship also explained in previous blog) that changed my life. I just can’t describe my feelings of that day, I loved every second of it.

That weekend gave me the opportunity to find a passion I did not know of it. Now I am trying to start an RSO on campus that just volunteers with children at local Mount Pleasant School Districts. It has also made me realize that I want to work with children for the rest of my life. My major is Psychology with minors of Sign Language and Child Development. My experience at Michigan Fall Special Olympics just really developed me into the person I want to be. It inspired me to live every day happier. It taught me so much in just one little weekend. It taught me to embrace differences. It should be how important child are in our lives. The Special Olympics was just an amazing opportunity I will never forget.

And I didn’t stop there. I volunteered at Special Olympic basketball tournaments and also play unified kick ball. This summer I am planning to go to LA to volunteer at the Special Olympic World Games.

Special Olympics is just an experience you can’t understand unless you experience it yourself. I will never forget that weekend.


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