Ted Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

ted talk
Today I watched a Ted Talk titled, Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It talked about a method of leadership called the golden circle. The golden circle is divided into three sections: The inner layer, why; the middle layer, how; and the outer layer, what. It is easy to work from the outside in the golden circle. 1. What are you doing? 2. How are you doing it? 3. Why are you doing it? The biggest question is WHY are you doing it. Leaders inspire others by doing the gold circle method reverse. So 1. WHY are you doing it? 2. How are you doing it? 3. What are you doing? People follow you if they BELIEVE in what you do. It is important for you to know why you are doing what you are doing. To inspire others you need to show people why are you doing what you are doing. Also you need to show motivation and passion for what you are doing. The more passion you have for what you are doing the more people will follow you and believe in you. Also as a leader it is important to not be afraid to be the first person to do something new. It is okay to be the first one and it is okay to fail or succeed. It is just important to try and know why you are doing it. If you are doing something but don’t know why you are doing it, is it really worth doing? Leaders know why they are doing what they are doing. Leaders are people that hold position of power, according to the ted talk. Those who actual lead are those who inspire others. A good example of a leader that followed the golden circle is Martin Luther King. Dr. King didn’t tell people what he wanted to change in America, he told people what he believed in. He was not asking anyone to do anything, people just believed the same things he did. Since they had the same belief they followed him. He inspired people. Leading is about giving a reason why to everything. Now as a leader, after watching this ted talk video, I need to put a meaning to everything I do. It is important to show who you are as a person, and to show what you believe in. Believe in yourself, and others will too. What is your purpose?


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