COM 267 Reflection

COM 267 was a debate class that my leadership cohort was required to take for our Leadership Advancement Scholarship. I believe learning how to debate is an important trait to learn to become an effective and efficient leader. As leaders we should be able to stand up for what we believe in and speak our minds when it is important to do so. This class was challenging for me since I am not good with confrontation. But it was important for me to learn how to argue correctly and respectively to state my opinion when I get the courage to do so. Our professor of this class was Dr. Corey Hillman, who is well experienced with the subject of the debate. Though history is important to debate, I believed we focused too much on the past of debate. We should of spent more time practicing actual debate. The class participated in two in class debates, which was the majority of our final grade. Since it was such a huge part, I wish we could of had other times to practice. Though the two debates we did in class were very effective for me personally. I believe COM 267 is a good class for leaders to take.


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