A visit from President Ross

My Leadership Cohort was lucky enough to have the president of Central Michigan University speak in our leadership class the first semester of our college career. President Ross was our guest speaker, and it was a great opportunity for us as leaders to have such a high powered figure come and talk with us. I truly emphasize the phrase “talk with US”. President Ross didn’t come to our class to lecture us, and give the same speech he gives repetitively. He came to create a conversation with us. First he told us an inspirational story to start, but then it was opened for open conversation to end it. Majority of the class asked him questions about the campus and even his personal life. Some of the questions weren’t easy either. President Ross stayed professional, but also made it very personal. One student in the class was home for family reasons, but she still got to Skype in and talk to him. President Ross truly cares about CMU and the students that attend there. It was an honor to listen to him speak. I will always remember one thing that President Ross said during his presentation; Make sure to always follow your own path. Since he stated that I have been living by that statement everyday. The way he said it just made it seem so important, and it is important! Your life is about making yourself happy, and accomplishing what you want to accomplish personally. It might not always be the norm, but you just have to keep following YOUR path for YOUR own reasons. I am always to worried about others, and forget to think of myself. I need to follow my own path to accomplish my own goals I have set for myself. That little statement President Ross said changed my perspective on life.

president ross2


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