Lead Team

This year I was Co-chair for the Polar Plunge Lead Team with Ellen Wegener! We were in charge of spreading awareness about Polar Plunge and helping make the Leadership Institite team a success – here is the link to our donation page, https://www.firstgiving.com/team/363453.

We raised $3,211!! Unfortunately, this is a lot less then last year and are still questioning the decrease this year.  This is the first year with a Polar Plunge team, and in all honestly believe it is more successful as one team, including leadership launch and polar plunge together.

This was an easy LEAD team to run, and all members were willing to work and spread awareness! I couldn’t the actual polar plunge since I had a graduate school interview. Though members all attended and volunteer for the event to help it run smoothly!


Academic Committee

This academic school year I served on the Excellence in Teaching Award committee. My job was to create protocol to pick the winner for the Student Choice Excellence in Teaching Award. This was a very fun experience, and an honorable opportunity to be a part of.
Meredith, Carley, and myself decided on sending each student that nominated a professor a letter and email requesting to write an essay on why they the professor deserves the award and to fill out a survey about their professional skills. Blow is the letter we sent in an attached email.

Then below that is the operations of how we choose the winner!

Dear Student,
Thank you for taking the time to nominate one of your teachers for the Excellence in Teaching Award! While your nominee may be considered for the Excellence in Teaching Awards, we would also like to consider them for the Student Choice Excellence in Teaching Award. The Student Choice Award is a separate award given out only to one faculty members nominated by students. The recipient of this award is chosen by an all student committee that works closely with the Excellence in Teaching Award Committee, but has their own selection criteria and process.
This award represents the impact that teachers have had on their students in and out of the classroom; it honors their dedication to enriching their students’ lives and education. Since you nominated this professor, the student committee would like you to write a short essay on why you believe your nominee deserves the Student Choice Excellence in Teaching Award. This essay will allow us to better understand the impact that the nominee has had on your experience here at CMU, and will enable us to select a winner for this honor.
Here are some suggested prompts you may consider when writing the essay. Please be creative and write it anyway you believe will show the true colors of your nominee.
  1. Provide a story or an example of a time the professor made a memorable impact on you.
  2. How did your professor go above and beyond to positively influence your learning experience?
  3. Explain why the professor will forever be remembered as one of your favorites (traits, teaching style)
  4. If you are more creative and would rather write a poem, song, video, or etc., please do! Any way you can show off the nominee is supported.
In order to have enough time to thoroughly review all of our candidates for the Student Choice Excellence in Teaching Award, it must be received by December 17, 2017. We look forward to hearing from you!
Megan Nemetz, Meredith Earley, & Carley Dibert
Excellence in Teaching Award Committee
Student Choice Award



Excellence in Teaching Award Student Nomination Guidelines 2018
Megan Nemetz, Carly Dibert, & Meredith Earley
 Central Michigan University has a long and proud tradition of the Excellence in Teaching Awards. The faculty and staff go above and beyond by setting high standards in and out of their classroom. The winner of the 2017-2018 academic year of the Student Award was chosen by the following guidelines:
  1. The Excellence in Teaching Award Student Committee selects the professors that were nominated by a
  2. Students that nominated a professor at CMU were sent a letter in an email requesting them to take a survey. The simple survey comprised of 11 questions ranked on a 1 (strongly disagreed) to 5 (strongly agree) scale and one opened end questions asking “any comments you would like to add.”
    1. 22 students took the survey.
  3. The email sent to the students also had an attachment letter requesting to write a letter of recommendation for their nominee professor. Both the letter and survey were due December 17th, 2017.
    1. Extended the deadline to December 20th after only two submissions by December 17th.
    2. 9 letters of recommendation were received
  4. Letters then were edited to hide the identity of the nominee to not form biases. No content or format was changed. Only a number replaced the name of the nominee.
    1. #1 Joseph Anderson
    2. #2 Wafa Hozien
    3. #3 Richard Hayes
    4. #4 David Freed
    5. #5 Cheryl Geisthardt
    6. #6 Benjamin Jankens
  5. Professors nominated by students were only considered if survey and letter of recommendation was completed.
    1. Rankings on survey had to be all fives
  6. Decision was made together by student committee members by reading all essays and order ranking their top two. Top two ranked for each student committee member was then discussed at the winner decision meeting.
  7. Each student committee member ranked professor #3 as our number one pick.
  8. Winner of 2017-2018 Excellence in Teaching Student Choice Award: Richard Hayes.
Student Committee Members’ reasoning behind ranking of #1 Letter of Recommendation
Ms. Carley Dibert:
While reading through the nomination essays, candidate #3 was a stand out amongst them all. Specifically, it was evident that this professor goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their students and this was proved in the multiple nominations that were submitted. Something that really spoke to my heart was a story that one of this professor’s nominators shared about the mentoring role that this professor voluntarily falls into. The student shared about a personal experience of almost dropping out of CMU and how the professor took time to meet with the student to encourage commitment and perseverance. There were so many ways that this professor exemplifies genuine dedication, authentic passion, and abundant wisdom in their role as an educator. As current student, this is the exact kind of professor that I wish to have!
Ms. Megan Nemetz:
While reading all the nomination essays, they all sounded close to the same. All the professors seemed to be deserving of this award. In my eyes they all cared and seemed to really have a passion for their students and teaching.  Though one essay really stood out to me, which was about nominee number three. The fact that TWO of his students received personal phone calls from the professor concerned for their well-being and gave the student motivation that they needed. As a student here at CMU, my professors do care but most of the time I have to address them first before seeing their concern. This story shows that this professor truly cares for his students’ success. His role as a professor and mentor does not stop when he walks out of the classroom, and that’s why I choose number 3.
Ms. Meredith Earley:
I chose option #3 because I felt that these students described an exceptional and outstanding professor that is dedicated to their students inside and outside of the classroom. The person described is clearly passionate, dedicated, well respected and a servant leader. It seems that this person is a clear recipient of this award and well deserving of the title “Student Choice Award Winner”.


Future Child Advocates

Image may contain: 16 people, including Megan Nemetz, people smiling, indoor


The past two years I have gotten the privilege to be the president of Future Child Advocates on CMU’s campus. Seeing it grow and impact many students makes me believe it has been a success.

Future Child Advocates was my LDR 302 project for my leadership minor. My goal for my project was to create a binder for future eboard members to use to keep tradition alive and for growth to continue. Then my second goal was to provide volunteer experiences for members to receive direct experience with children we are a voice for. I accomplished both!

I have a binder full of materials including accounts, passwords, steps to continue events, meeting materials, and contact information. This is in the form physical binder and on a USB drive for digital copies. This will be passed down to the next president!

Then last fall we volunteered at Whaley’s Children Center in Flint, MI. This is a center where children in foster care live, go to school, eat, and get many resources. This children have been kicked out of school and bounced around foster house to foster house. While volunteering we decorated for Christmas, organized their donation clothes closet, and did art projects with the younger children. We also had a tour of the facilities, which was amazing but also sad to see where the children live. This organization is an awesome place for foster children, and a great direct experience!

Image may contain: 9 people, including Megan Nemetz, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

FCA also had a HUGE successful annual trunk or treat event, which one of our eboard members organized! We believed to have over 400 trick-or-treaters and their families at the event!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, child and outdoor

Our Toastie Tootsies was also a HUGE success – collected over 2,000 pairs of socks to donate to local mount pleasant homeless shelter!

Image may contain: 32 people, people smiling, indoor

Since April is child abuse prevention month we will be having our annual stick up for abuse fundraiser, making blankets for Child Advocacy Center for child sexual assault victims, and pass out suckers with facts attached to spread awareness.

I am so blessed to see what FCA has grown into, which I am sad to leave, but excited to see future leaders improve it even more!

I am an advocate for Domestic Violence.

From August 2017 to May 2018, I have been an intern at Women’s Aid Services. It has given me the tools and knowledge to be an advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity as it has provided me with meaningful experiences and professional role models.

Each week I volunteer 15 to 25 hours by providing support the the office, answering crisis calls, going on home visits, and providing children and adult support groups within the shelter.

Home visits with clients has been an eye opening experience that has taught be safety planning and professional skills I need to utilize in my future career. The main focus of the home visits is child development stages and milestones. I also provide support to the adult clients with any concerns they have.

I absolutely love putting on group activities for the shelter clients – fun activities weekly that include topics like self-care, music therapy, nails, vision boards, movie night, and much more. Some topics are serious discussion, others are just activities to have fun and distress. The kids activities I organize are also fun! As a future Child Counselor, this experience with children has given me direct experience with children in domestic violent homes, who I will be potentially working with in the future.

Answering crisis calls was one of the scariest things to do at first, but with such a supportive staff learning to become comfortable and confident on the phone was a positive experience. All calls are different, meaning each one provides an opportunity to learn. Being an intern at Women’s Aid Services has taught me how to be empathetic to survivors of domestic violence. It has allowed me to interact with strong survivors and their families, allowing me to become comfortable with hard topics of disclosure and series issues tied to domestic violence.

Being able to say, “I am an advocate for domestic violence”, is a powerful statement, which I can thank Women’s Aid Service for.

SOMI Lead Team

Again this year I got the privilege of being the the Co-chair with Hannah Rickers for the SOMI Lead Team (Special Olympics of Michigan). Working with Hannah is absolutely amazing, as she teaches me so much about being an advocate and better leader for people with different abilities. I learn more and more from her every year I work with her.

The point of the SOMI Lead team is to participate in the Leadership Launch. This brings a group of unified students together (with and without disabilities) to learn how to be leaders in their community and schools. The group of students from CMU come together to make this event successful and meaningful for all in attendance. Watching the LEAD team members participate and interact with the student was quiet awesome to see as they truly care about this community. The Leadership Launch is about acceptance of all, which was easily visible during this year’s launch. Though we had some hiccups, since it’s such a time crunch to plan, it ended up being a great event with hundred of students from Michigan in attendance.
LL1Myself, and my teammates for the day, Jorydn and Garrett, facilitated an activity that focused on successful communication. In the center of the room there was a group of sport balls that included basketballs, tennis balls, golf balls, and more. Each ball was labeled with a number. Each participant received a number, and when we said GO they had to try their corresponding ball to their number. There was three rounds: round one included no talking, round three including every talking, and round three only assigned two people could talk. Then after all the separate rounds we discussed how to use effectual communication skills, and what communication skill hinder performance.

The Leadership Launch is such a fun filled packed day with important discussion and learning how to make this world a more accepting place. People with different abilities truly touch my heart, and I am so thankful I could be such a big part during an important day like this one. It’s something that has taught me a lot during my past three years at CMU.


Connections that Count

Connections that Count is a very unqiue and fun organization at CMU that I am so glad I joined this year. It’s a program where students come together with individuals that have different abilities and their families. It provides a positive environment for everyone to come together for a fun two hours a week. Every Tuesday from 5 to 7 pm I volunteer with connections. Each week we eat dinner and do something fun in the SAC! We have dance parties, bowl, swim, and more. My favorite thing to do is swim with everyone. It seems to be the fan favorite event. Last time we swam my fav little girl and I swam around with goggles, it was a blast that I will never forget! I am building bonds with so many amazing people, I look forward going to Connections that Count every week. It is my stress reliever of the week, since I get to hang out with such inspiring people.

Future Child Advocates


Future Child Advocates has been a dream come true this year. As it’s a new and growing RSO on campus, I was nervous to take the role as president this academic year. Though with passionate members, it became really easy.

Future Child Advocates is a group that brings awareness to the issue of child abuse and neglect. Our mission statement is to provide education and opportunities to students and members of the community to become more aware of issues involving abuse, neglect, and bullying of children, especially those who are more vulnerable and left without a voice.

Looking back at this year, FCA had many great accomplishments. To start the year on a great success, our secretary Maddie Karcher made our summer Backpack Project a huge success. Collecting donations of supplies, backpacks, and donations to fill nearly 100 backpacks full of supplies. These backpacks were donated to local schools and the local foster closet!

Also every year we provide the community with a  Truck-or-Treat event to give children a safe environment to show off their costume and have fun with their families. FCA invites other organizations on campus to be represented at this event to help us pass out candy and make the event bigger and better! Over 120 children blog12participated, which was great for our 3rd annual event. I loved seeing all the little ones dressed up in cute costumes. It was also a great bonding experience for our members to all come together.

Then every winter break FCA collects socks for our toasty tootsies fundraiser! This year we collected over 600 pairs of socks and donated them to the Mount Pleasant rotating homeless shelter. One thing people don’t realize is that socks are the number one item low income/homeless families lack is socks during the winter — therefore, I was so proud of all the members dedication to this fundraiser.

Finally, the number one thing I am most pleased about this year is the members in attendance all year round. We have meetings bi-weekly, and every meeting we have over 20 members in attendance. Each member is dedicated and passionate about making a difference in children’s lives. The thing is that many students in FCA have many different majors that just don’t include education and child development. It’s important to remember many careers effect children’s lives and it’s so cool to see many to come together to support the welfare of kids. Each meeting we discuss an education component that helps us become better advocate for all children that are effected by many different things.

I love being a part of Future Child Advocate because child abuse is an issue close to my heart. It honestly empowers me more to see other students also passionate about the welfare of children. It’s such an easy group to talk to and get close with since we are all there for the same reason – helping little kiddos.

Much love Future Child Advocates, Thanks for an amazing year.